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Love Pranks But Out of Ideas? Here are The Top 6 Pranks to Get Your Fix

If pranking your family and friends is one of your main hobbies, it is easy to run out of good quality ideas fast. Thankfully the market for gag gifts and pranks is ever-growing, with brand new products and new takes on old ideas being produced every day. While many lists on the web contain the same products, this list compiles both classic popular pranks you may have overlooked in addition to more new and exciting pranks you would be foolish to ignore!

These pranks focus on getting a good laugh out of your friends, family and coworkers without causing any harm. If you're looking for a list of pranks more geared toward revenge, be sure to check out our list of 10 Things to Send Your Enemy in The Mail.

Whether you want your pranks to be anonymous or not, this list of the current hottest pranks has something on it for you. Keep scrolling to find your next laugh!


Used Underwear Prank Envelope:

Have you recently been victim to severe embarrassment and want to make someone else feel the same way? A Used Underwear Prank Envelope is the way to go! Using high-quality packaging with the message, "smell my thong" or "smell my boxers," depending on which option you choose. Whomever your victim is opening this package in front of is sure to think they're a serious weirdo, perhaps damaging their reputation. If they're brave enough to open the entire package in front of friends or coworkers, the inside will reveal that they've been pranked with no underwear in sight, just a customizable message letting them know they've been duped. This iconic and memorable anonymous prank is available for just $13.


Hacking Simulator:

Do you work at an office job? Pranking your coworkers just got that much easier with Hacking Simulator. This prank is perfect for when you know the victim is working on something important. Perhaps they have a presentation the next day or a career-changing meeting. When the victim inevitably asks you if you can review what they have and hands over their computer to you, you can then boot up the hacking simulator as soon as they look away. When they come back and see their screen, they will think they've been hacked, or their computer is dying. The simulation is just that realistic looking! After they panic long enough that you can't control your laughter anymore, press the backspace button, and their computer goes right back to normal. Although this prank requires a particular situation, it's so believable that it's great to keep in your back pocket for just the right time! Hopefully, whoever you decide to play this on will eventually forgive you; it may take time, which makes this free prank totally worth it!


Spam Fake Text Messages:

Have you always wanted to exchange positions as the annoying little sibling instead of the older mature one? Take your chance and send them spam text messages! With this prank, you can choose between what theme the spam messages are, how many and how long. Want to send your little brother 200 cat-themed spam messages? This website is the place for that! This is a free and anonymous fun prank that will make sure to get your sibling annoyed with no long-term effects. Not only is this prank easy, but it is also free! Try this out on a sibling and if it works just as well as you hope, move onto your parents and evil coworkers!


Send a Personalized Vibrator:

This is a hilarious prank for your friend who was recently dumped. While you could use this prank to embarrass someone or get revenge, sending this to a friend in their time of need will be sure to give them a much-needed laugh. The product is also fully functional to come in handy to someone wading through a fresh breakup. This prank is high quality and is fully customizable to display any image you send in! Whether you send it with your face or a hilarious meme, this gag gift is sure to do the job (it has ten speeds) at a steal of a price of $32.82!


USB Mouse Jiggler:

Did your office rival recently start bringing in their computer to work, bragging about how amazing it is not to use the company model? Or has your sibling who makes more money than you just bought a new device and won't shut up about it? Quickly give them a panic attack by inserting this discreet USB. Watch as they react in horror as their mouse flies around the screen and their computer refuses to sleep or open the log-in screens. You can own up to the prank to stop them from smashing their new device or running to the local repair store,  or if they've been annoying enough, sit back and let it happen. They'll never know it was you, even if they find the device! Depending on how discreet you want the USB to be, you can buy this prank from a range of models costing $20-$60!


Always Positive Pregnancy Test:

You and your boyfriend don't want kids, but your parents won't stop bothering you about it. Every holiday and every call home always ends with "when are you having kids!? For god's sake, you're almost 30." The next time you and you're boyfriend fly out to visit, bring an arsenal of these. When you tell your mom that you think you may be pregnant and want to take the tests with her, she will be overjoyed! She'll be even more overjoyed as the tests keep coming out positive! After she runs out to tell your dad, you'll have to break the news to her! She may switch from crying of happiness to yelling at you very fast, but this prank may be the easiest way for you to shut them up on the topic of grandchildren permanently! Pick these precious pregnancy tests for only $9.50.

Not all pranks have to be for revenge; some can be designed to get laughs or break the tension with your favorite people. This list was created to help you find the best products for those laughs easily and keep your love of pranking alive and well!

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