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Hubby is a firefighter. He gets this and is all like nasty.. ewww... then opens and reads card. He was so shocked I did this! He said it was everything a fireman would prank another with! Thanks for such great packaging! Oh and he said the candy was amazing! I would give 10 stars! Totally worth it!!!!!

I’m not a person to prank others but I saw this on tiktok and decided it was time. My friend had no idea it was me who sent it. She called and was dying of laughter and disgust at the same time. We are still laughing about it 3 days later. Great idea, I will definitely do it again

Package arrived infront of my sisters husband leaving her to explain WHY shed want to be sniffing girl pantys! Never did she expect this to actually be a birthday card prank but it made for a bunch of great laughs and she loves showing it off to everyone what her older shithead sister did to her!

When the mail person came in I immediately saw the bright orange package and new this was it!!! She was laughing as she told us just how lively the conversation was in the mail room!! The recipient was mortified, it was amazing!! After opening the gift we all laughed. It was a great experience, highly recommended. Thank you smell my things!!

I sent it to my funniest Aunt and it did not disappoint! I was even more lucky they she had company 😂 they called me crying for laughter and I absolutely cannot wait to find my next target lol.

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