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You Are Shit - You Are The Best. Keep That Shit Up

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You Are Shit - You Are The Best. Keep That Shit Up

Announce in front of everyone that your victim likes to sniff boxers in secret - a mischievous and embarrassing prank indeed! So whenever you're trying to get back at your girlfriend, boyfriend, mean boss, or annoying colleague, pull this absolute genius prank and see how they become the butt of all jokes!
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The Original Used Boxers Prank Envelope comes packaged in a beautiful yet inappropriate way. It looks so real, that people will think a real boxer company has sent them the product. Imagine the flustered face when the postman asks your victim to sign off the order in front of their house, or even worse, in the office! And when they slowly open the package, dreading for the worse, they'll find nothing but a high-quality, double-sided, laminated card explaining how they've been owned! There was never an actual boxer inside the box - it's all a practical joke. But imagine their face between those precious minutes, total gold! 
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