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The Best Gifts for Seeking Revenge on Frenemies

We all have friendships that are only hanging around, thanks to inertia. We know very well that they talk about us behind our backs, and we only get to hear from them when they need our help. The passive-aggressive friends who will oh-so 'lovingly' foist awful criticism in the name of being honest," Your outfit looks cute! " they'll tell you in front of guests at a party. "But it doesn't exactly fit for this event, its a little cheap and kind makes you look out of place." Urggh! They'll do anything to provoke, hurt, and make us feel bad.

This bunch deserves nothing but the biggest revenge gifts screaming embarrassment as a token for their selfishness. Maybe you've been wondering what to do with a half baked friend that you don't like very much, but somehow you have to fake friendliness due to shared history, nearness, or maybe because you've been running in the same circle.

What's a better revenge than being sneaky and pulling an annoying and embarrassing prank that will make your frenemy go bananas and lose their composure momentarily? Below are the best gifts for seeking revenge on frenemies. They are all practical jokes, and the best part is you can choose an anonymous gift, so they'll never dig out who sent the gift. Or perhaps, you want a gift that you can easily pooh-pooh with your sweetest, most sincere face and an 'apology' " Oh! Funny how I thought you'd laugh about the joke?"

The Original Smell My Boxer Prank Envelope

The original smell my boxer prank envelope is here! If you're so pissed at your frenemy, then you deserve the best justice, and that's what you'll get with this practical joke. This smell my boxer prank envelope is not your ordinary prank. It is made with a high-quality bright blue bubble mailer and has a very stylish design that will make everyone believe that its' been shipped from a real used boxers company!

Just when they thought the embarrassment couldn't get any worse, the envelope has a fully exposed label 'smell my boxers' for everyone to see. Oh, please wait for it! A piece of the dirty boxer is dangling out the envelope. Is that a horrified look? Nothing strikes shame on your frenemies than having their dirty little secrete exposed!

Wait until they open the envelope behind closed doors only to find there are no used boxers inside! Who would dare do this? But they'll never find out because this prank is completely anonymous. Of course, unless you want to add a card with a personalized message to your victim of shame.

Bag of Dicks

The phrase 'bag of dicks' is something most of us over the age of 10 are probably aware of and now we can express the sentiment with actual penis candy. Although it's a sweet surprise gift to have delivered to someone, the penis candy does send a strong message. The concept was created by 'Dicks by Mail,' and comes wrapped in a piece of paper that reads, "Eat a bag of dicks."

Glitter Bomb

Glitter bombs are famous with activists protesting against injustices. Are you fuming because of something stupid that your frenemy did? How you drive your message home is incredibly crucial in the field of revenging on frenemies- the most moderate, witty and satisfying revenge is best.

Upon receiving the beautiful shipping tube labeled 'fragile' with a note guiding them on how to carefully open the gift, their heart will melt with appreciation that you remembered them on their special day.

Keenly following the guidelines not to damage their fragile gift, they will unwrap the package and the bomb! What the hell! Hideous glitters will run wild all over him/her and hopefully the entire house.

Send this to your frenemy Tom and he'll spend the entire day trying to remove the stubborn glitters out of holes he didn't even know he had!

STI Prank Kit

STI TESTING Prank Gift  Funny Birthday Sent directly to image 0

Works best if your frenemy is your workmate. 'You've got an STI, and everybody here knows about it' is the best way to mortify and humiliate your victim in front of everyone. Take our word for it. He/she will never look at the rest of the office team in the eyes again! Haha!

Voodoo Dolls

Voodoo Doll | Horrornaments

Kind of on the creepy end of revenging on frenemies. But extremely worth watching your favorite scum of the earth receive and open the gift with so much eagerness and expectations only to be freaked out by a horrifying bloodcurdling, cursed voodoo doll staring right back at them!

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