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The 7 Best Prank Products Of The Year

With time, pranks are becoming harmless but more creative. Many people and groups of friends have taken it so far that it looks like a war. People pull pranks on one another on special occasions like Christmas and Halloween etc. more often. However, many pranks are pulled when someone annoys or disgusts you to the point that you realize verbal cursing won’t suffice. Sometimes you can also prank your neighborhood’s nice old lady just to be a jerk.

For best prank products explore our list of such 7 products.

#1 Potato Chip Snake

Some of our friends tend to be very greedy. Whenever you pick something to eat, they’ll instantly snatch it. If you want to teach them a lesson and prank them instead of losing your food, then try this Potato Chip snake prank.

When your friend tries to open the lid of the can, the snake will suddenly jump out of the can to scare the shit out of your greedy friend.

The “can prank” is quite convincing due to its natural design and stickers along with fake nutritional facts and high-quality packing.

Start pranking that greedy person in your life at just $9.60.

#2 5 Count Ears Eyes and Fingers

If your prank exchange has turned into a war and you don’t know what to prank product should you choose next, then try this scary friend. These fake scary eyes, ears, and fingers are sure to scare your friends are enemies to death.

These body parts are made of rubbery plastic that looks extremely realistic and can mislead and scare anyone.

If you can’t witness the prank scene, you’ll surely get updates from a coworker or the behavior of the recipient victim.

Have your revenge at just $32.12.

#3 Sticky Realistic Poo

This is the best prank to pull on a cleanliness-lover sister, mother, or wife. It’s about the size of a cat’s turd and when they see it somewhere they just cleaned, they’ll freak out. The cleaner’s furiousness is justified because of the effort that goes into cleaning the floor or carpets etc. You or a child of your family have a high chance of getting beaten so, be careful.

Start pranking at just $2.60, can be used many times.

#4 The Frustration Box

We have seen pranks and gifts that are scary or disgusting but what about a prank regarding curiosity? Curiosity can be sometimes frustrating if you can’t get to the information or the mystery gift.

This Frustration box is tightly wrapped and packed with a ludicrous amount of tape to stop the recipient from opening the gift. Inside the gift, they’ll only find a card stating Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, or any other message you’d want to include.

#5 Used Thong Prank Envelope

There are several ways to prank your colleague, best friend, rude boss, or a noisy neighbor. But there’s none better than a prank having a touch of embarrassment to it.

Additionally, if you could mail it to them to a public place like their office, the prank gets better multifold. When there are a lot of eyes staring at them for receiving an item wrapped as “Used Thong”, the recipient will be sweating January’s snow. This hard time will pass when the victim opens the package and receive a card stating “Sorry to disappoint you no used thongs here but whoever delivered it to you now think that you’re weird, Oops!”. You can also include your own personalized message.

#6 Micro Penis Cure: Embarrassing Prank Box

If you’re still angry at your dumb-ass ex or just want to embarrass your friend to win the prank competition going on between you, then embarrass them in such a way that they’ll never forget it.

Mail this Micro Penis Cure box to them, it’s not very secretly wrapped as you can see in the picture. Whoever delivers it or sees it delivered to him will surely watch him with a suspicious eye from that day onwards. You’ll have successfully embarrassed him and might win the war-like competition.

This prank can be enjoyed multifold if the box is sent through a neighbor by providing the neighbor's address and instructing to send it to the original owner (your friend or enemy etc).

#7 Disguised Spring Loaded Glitter Box

If you want a prank that works and never fails, then this Disguised Spring Loaded Glitter box prank is your best bet.

It’s one of the best pranks out there because it never fails and is very simple to understand. You can pull it on anyone anonymously and enjoy the scene. If your boss bothers you, or brother pisses you off often, then this is the best prank to pull upon them.

The glitter-loaded box is disguised extremely well and no one can guess what’s inside. If there’s a carpet or it accidentally blows up in their hair, then it adds to the fun. Because it’s a quite tough task to remove the glitter from hair or a textured carpet.

Mess with your friends and foes at just $23.99.

Now, you know what to order and where to send it. We have prepared this list of the 7 Best Prank Products Of The Year to give you some creative prank ideas that you can try on your friends, family members, colleagues, and boss, or neighbor. These pranks are sure to get you your revenge and provide some good laughs at reasonable prices.

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