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The 18 Best Hilarious Gag Gifts Perfect For Making Anyone Laugh!

It goes without saying that the last two years have been extremely tough. We all took a beating from being locked up in our homes for months on end. Now that things are easing up and we can see our friends again, it's the perfect time to give out over-the-top hilarious gag gifts. Everyone is searching for a good time with their friends, and the fun gag gifts on this list will get everyone rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

Toilet Timer

We all spend a little too much time on the toilet these days scrolling through TikTok and Instagram mindlessly. This five-minute sand timer is an excellent gift for a friend who always holds up the long line of people needing the washroom at parties you host!

Used Underwear Prank

Embarrassment for one is another person's laugh. Send one of your friends this realistic-looking used underwear envelope at work for everyone around them to believe they love sniffing other people's underwear panties! This over-the-top prank is sure to bring a smile to your face at the very least!

Farting Piggy Bank

Know someone who has a gross sense of humour and can't save money? Get them this hilarious farting piggy bank to fulfill their dreams of saving cash.

Instant Underwear

Is someone in your friend group constantly wetting their pants after a night out? This insanely funny gift will clear up the problem instantly! At under $7, you may want to buy them a few pairs, just in case.

Basketball Hamper

Is your boyfriend a huge basketball fan but couldn't pick up his dirty underwear if his life depended on it? The basketball hamper may be your only solution. Bring back his childhood and force him to do chores by making them into games. You can even customize this monstrosity with his name!

Itch Powder

Itch powder is a satisfying prank to pull on the friend or sibling who has recently done you wrong. Whether that's eating your food in the fridge or washing your whites with a red, have them itching for days with this powder, and you'll never have to own up to it!

Adult Bibs

Every friend group has to have one disgustingly messy eater. Next time you guys are all out at a fancy celebration dinner and they still can't keep it together, give them the embarrassing gift of the adult bib. It's time to stop carrying around Tide-To-Go just for them!

Hell No! Button

Have a friend who has a tough time saying no and often puts themselves in horrible situations because of it? (Or is this YOU?) With this simple button, they won't have to build up the courage and form an excuse themselves. Just say, "hell no!"

Bag of Edible Bugs

Have a weird friend that's always ordering the wackiest things off the menu? Get them this disgusting gift for their birthday and see if they actually eat them!

Car Barf Bags

Give the gift of cleanliness to your groups, DD! While carting off someone's puke in a bag isn't ideal after a night out, it's much better than having to car your entire backseat every weekend! A hilarious but practical gift for someone who does the most for you and your pals.

Plant Watering IV Bag

Depressed friend with a severe plant addiction? Prevent the amount of time they drag you to the nearest garden center by allowing the plants to live past their first month! An insulting but also an essential gift, we only get one planet, right!?

Exploding Golf Ball

First time out with the guys golfing post-pandemic? Bring a bunch of these along to plant sneakily and let the laughter ensue! Alternatively, repackage these as a gift, and you'll have the perfect birthday gag gift for your golf-loving friend!

Hanging Testicles Stress Balls

Since working from home together, have you seen your roomie become nothing but stressed from their zoom calls with clients? Get them these irresistibly fun balls that they can hide away from the webcam during meetings to melt away their stress.

Protected by Pfizer Sticker

The perfect party favour for the first big dinner or party you have with your friends once Covid is over! Make sure everyone knows you're not an anti-vaxxer with these Covid proof stickers!

Crafting With Cat Hair

Ever come home from your best friend's house covered head to toe in cat hair? Are they constantly using a lint roller? Give them this gross crafting book, and hopefully, your visits will start to become less hairy!

Wine Condoms

For the not-so Boujee wine lover! These wine condoms act the same as a wine cork, saving your half-empty wine bottle from going off. This gag gift is sure to not only get a laugh but also be actually used, unlike some other gifts on this list!

Simp Card

Has the last year of quarantine made one of your buddies a complete simp? Is he dodging bar crawls with the guys and has to ask permission to do everything you guys have planned? It's time to doll out a simp card. An embarrassing gift that just should give him the balls to start thinking for himself again!

Literal Fucks To Give

Get this for yourself so that you can give out your own limited number of fucks. I know the number of fucks I have to give has gone down during Covid, so why waste more? Life is too short! Let your friends know that you've had it up to here with their shit and won't be giving out much more advice!

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