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Shitty Sibling? Here are The 7 Best Gag Gifts and Pranks

Generally, there are two relationship paths for siblings; you either worship them or hate their guts 90% of the time. If you had the privilege of having the first relationship with your sibling, you should look away now; these gifts are probably not your style.

If you're still here, welcome to pay back city! Has your sibling always been the favourite? Leaving you with the hand-me-downs, the worst chores and probably pranked you in childhood one too many times? If you are nodding your head, yes, this list is for you. Whether you're craving a little blast from the past of childhood rivalry, or they've recently wronged you by whatever new annoying personality trait they've acquired, this list has something for everyone.

With a mix of anonymous pranks and gag gifts, this list is sure to end your annoyance out by giving your sibling precisely what they deserve.


Ice Cream Pint Lock:

To ease into the more intense prank gifts below, we thought we should start off with a prank guaranteed to make your sibling lose their mind. This prank is perfectly designed to get back at your younger sibling, who used to eat all your food, leaving you with an empty stomach filled with rage. Next Christmas, when your little sister decides to bring home some Ben & Jerry's because she is torn up over her most recent breakup, slap this combination lock on the top and watch her and her ice cream meltdown. This is a great prank to pull when you have multiple siblings so you can go undetected. Buy this piece of revenge for just $13.99.


Boxes Inside of Boxes:

If your sibling doesn't eat ice cream but has still managed to ruin whatever family gathering just passed. Consider skipping the holiday gift and instead give them a big box of boxes. You heard that right, buy your sibling a package with multiple other boxes inside. Your sibling will probably never expect you to be so cruel to make them open every single one without a gift, leading to them being furious by the end. This harmless but rage-inducing prank is available for only $29.99.


Impossible to Open Pistachios:

After your little sister can't get into her pint of ice cream, she will be on the prowl for a new snack. She'll be overjoyed when you offer her a quality can of pistachios. You'll then get to watch across the room as she struggles to open up any of the nuts during family movie night. Struggling to open them by the hand, she may turn to a nutcracker or knife but to no avail. Whether you own up to buying this specifically as a prank is up to you. Either way, your sister is going to ruin family movie night, and you'll get to watch as your parents finally call her the family disappointment instead of you. Buy this frustrating snack for under $15.


Broken Glass 3-D Window Stickers:

Does your little brother love his car more than you? Probably. Ruin his day by purchasing this hyper-realistic 3-D broken window sticker. This prank sticker is so realistic-looking he may not even inspect it long enough to figure out it's fake before he calls a repair company making for a very embarrassing appointment. While he will be relieved the sticker is fake, the satisfaction you'll get from the look on his face or the panicked phone call he gives you will be enough to make this $10 hilarious prank worth it.  


Smell My Boxers Prank:

The perfect prank for a sibling who took every childhood opportunity to embarrass you in front of your friends. Take it to the next level by sending them this Smell My Boxers prank. With unique realistic packaging to make it look like they ordered from a genuine used underwear company, having your sibling open this in front of their family or office is the ultimate revenge prank. Guaranteed to make them feel ashamed, this is sure to put a smile back on your face when they text you to tell you about how horrified they were to open this in front of others. Luckily this package is sent anonymously, so you won't have to fear retaliation. Send this hilarious prank worldwide for only $13.


Personalized Potato Mail:

While this prank may seem a little too gentle for your awful sibling at first glance, it is when you realize that you can not only send them potatoes with photos of yourself on them, but you can also send potatoes with their face to their friends and enemies! Send potatoes with your little brother's face on them to his boss, ex, professors or more! As long as you can fish up these strangers' addresses, you are sure to embarrass him. The more compromising the photos you put on there, the better. As long as these photos have been in the hands of more people than just you, he will never know who the anonymous potato sender is, and this prank could go on for years! Try Potato Pal today at $25.99.


Stink Bombs:

This prank is perfect for when you're feeling childish and want to get back at your little brother for all those times, he pulled gross pranks on you as a kid. Ideal for simply grossing out your sibling or perhaps clearing out a room of his own friends, these vials filled with a beyond disgusting smell will do the trick. This prank is a classic and will get the job done when you want to gross out your sibling easily and cheap at only $1.50 for a pack of three.

Deep down, you will always love your siblings, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun! Bring up old grudges and create new ones with any of the pranks on this list. Keep that sibling rivalry alive; adulthood shouldn't mean giving up things that bring us joy, even if that means embarrassing your family with gag gifts and pranks.

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