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Prank Mail: 9 Annoying Things You Can Actually Ship Someone

To someone who hasn’t come across a real piece of shit person, this collection will seem just useless. But then, there are not a lot of people who haven’t come across a real asshole. So, I’m assuming this collection of 9 annoying things is useful for the majority of the readers.

If someone has annoyed you to the point that verbal cursing is not an option anymore, then prank them through practical mail. To save your precious time and energy we have prepared a list of 9 annoying things you can ship to the person you hate the most, anonymously.

#1 Smelly Poop In a Box

Has someone really pissed you off? Well, you can do the same to them. Doesn’t matter if it’s your ex who cheated on you or your noisy neighbor who has made your life hell. You can send them this box of fresh poop. Now packed in a screw-top tin can with hobo fart spray to keep the freshness and smell for a long time.

Moreover, the poop comes with a card stating “have a shitty day!”. Order it now for $20.99.

#2 Grow a Pair Of Balls

We all have friends scared to shit in the dark or a bit tense situation. If they have left you in a hard time or even canceled a trip at the last moment, ship them this Grow a Pair of balls gift. They also come in handy in boosting your friend’s confidence to ask the girl out that he loves. You can also ship it to your ex who broke your heart.

This pair of balls grow six times their original size when put in water. The longer they’re there, the bigger they get. Mail this motivating statement at your desired address for just $12.99.

#3 The Original Russet Potato

Well, you want to annoy just for the sake of annoying? You can send this original russet potato to your brother, father, or a potato friend. What will happen? Nothing. Yes, nothing and they’ll be annoyed by a russet potato that means nothing.

Moreover, you can add your message and some stamps on the potato. It can be sent anonymously or you can disclose your identity with a personalized message.

#4 Grow a Boyfriend

You must have seen that girl who always complains about her boyfriend or ex but is shitty at maintaining relationships. If she’s your friend or ex, mail her this “grow a boyfriend” gift and let her know that she can’t have a real person for a boyfriend.

If she can’t get a date, she should grow this perfect mate for herself. Put it in water and let the growth begin. It reaches its full size in 72 hours and the process can be repeated.

At $6.33 per boyfriend, you can surely mail a couple of these to your close friends or ex.

#5 Big Cocks Adult Coloring Books

If anyone is ruining your walls and thinks that they’re great painters, send them this cock coloring book to practice their skills in instead of your walls. It’s also great for annoying your friend who doesn’t have a job or is on vacation. They can sit and color dicks in their spare time.

The book is 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long having 30 pages of uncolored cocks. Mail it for just $5.95 and if someone has a lot of time, send them a couple of it to fill their days.

#6 Smell My Boxers Prank


If you’ve had enough of your mean boss, rude coworker, or annoying people of the neighborhood, then it's time to pay back. Embarrass them at their offices in front of a whole lot of people or home with their family looking at them awkwardly while they open the smell my boxers fancy package.

It’s not only sent anonymously but also packed so realistically that until it’s opened completely, no one can anticipate that it’s a prank. Of course, except you.

Send this to embarrass your enemies or provide a good laugh to your friends at just $11.00.

#7 You’re a Dirt Bag: Prank Mail

Taking revenge on your rude colleague or mean ex, who told you that you’re useless and worthless, had never been easier. Now, you can tell them the same but in a better and annoying way. They’re sure to remember you for long after this prank mail.

I’m talking about mailing them a dirtbag with the dirtiest dirt inside, anonymously, with a card stating “you are a dirtbag”. I bet you couldn’t have come up with such a fantastic idea to confuse your enemy with such a worst gift. Send the douchebag a dirtbag for just $11.99.

#8 Butthurt Care Package

It’s a care package but it doesn’t cure. The butthurt care package is meant to “Butthurt” someone instead of relieving. You can mail this red bright package with “butthurt care package” printed on its every side. Because what hurts more than a butthurt is everyone knowing that you’re butthurt.

The package includes butt reliever cream, some tissues to absorb your tears, and some tampons.

Happy butt hurting someone!

#9 How Not To Be a Cunt

In our daily life, we come across a lot of cunts and we can’t advise everyone to not be a cunt. But you can correct those closest to us. You can tell them to stop being a cunt. Better now, you can practically tell them so.

Some genius creatives have come up with a book instructing cunts around us to stop being cunts all the time. It actually contains a few pieces of advice like “easy, just don’t be a cunt” etc.

So, if you have a friend acting like a cunt and pissing you off, then it’s time to show them a mirror. Maybe they stop, who knows.

So, this was our list of 9 annoying weird things you can actually ship someone. We hope it’ll help you to butthurt the receiver for years to come.


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