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How to Get Revenge on An Ex: The Best Pranks You Can Pull

Breakups can be so complicated. Separating from someone you shared a part of your life with isn't easy at all. The pain is even worse if your partner was toxic and abusive, unsupportive, or maybe they broke the most sacred vows and cheated.

Your ego was bruised, and even though you don't have any lingering feelings for your ex, the pain is still there! While some people will advise to transform into a better you that your ex will wish they never dumped- there's nothing wrong with that. But starting a new workout routine and trying to create a new you can take time.

Meanwhile, you want to bring out your crazy-ex-trait and cause havoc in your victim's life with the following revengeful yet mild and hilarious pranks.

The Original Smell My Thong Prank Envelope

This revenge prank will get your ex thinking that you really are crazy. Above all other revenge pranks, this one should be your first choice. Not only will you achieve the best revenge, but you will leave your ex humiliated and with a badly bruised ego- perfect payback!

Nothing will embarrass your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband more like receiving this smell my thong prank envelope at their workplace or their front door- hopefully, he brought his new lover home. The eye-catching label 'smell my thong' plus the real thong lace hanging out the envelope will mortify and turn him red with embarrassment.

Though he won't find any used thong in the envelope, and he'll never know who sent him this prank, you can be sure thay he'll get what he eserves. And unless you write a personalized message on the card attached to this mail, he'll never find a way to clean his dirty reputation.

Troll Cakes

Each cake is copied word-for-word from an internet comment or social media post. Then they box it up and send it to the person who left the "Troll" comment. The box includes a picture of their original comment too!  


Personalized Potato Mail

While this prank may seem a little too gentle for your awful sibling at first glance, it is when you realize that you can not only send them potatoes with photos of yourself on them, but you can also send potatoes with their face to their friends and enemies! Send potatoes with your little brother's face on them to his boss, ex, professors or more! As long as you can fish up these strangers' addresses, you are sure to embarrass him. The more compromising the photos you put on there, the better. As long as these photos have been in the hands of more people than just you, he will never know who the anonymous potato sender is, and this prank could go on for years!


Live Ladybugs

Your ex gave you sleepless nights. Get back at him with endless nightmares! This revenge prank is especially perfect if your ex freaks out at the sight of insects. Even if they don't, nobody likes to eagerly open their mail only to find tiny pests waiting to be rescued. That's disturbing, especially because the package is mailed anonymously.

Nonstop Happy Birthday Music

Did you get your ass dumped closer to his/her birthday? Perfect!- I mean-that came out wrong. But this prank is what you need—so deceiving if you judge it by its cover. Its beauty will be calling for your ex to touch it. And they won't stop there. The temptation to go inside will be so overwhelming.

Until they open it and oh! Just what they expected, perfection! That happy birthday song, aaww! There's so much warmth filling their heart right now- one minute, two minutes- that's enough! How do you make this thing stop?!

Oh, no! There's no stopping this lady once you turn her on. Unfortunately, it seems like you'll have to wait until her battery dies. And then they'll want to tear her down, but just like you, she'll revenge with an explosion of glitters that will instantly ruin his/her day.

Mail a Personal Brick

Love You Guys Tons - Mail a Brick

Throwing a brick at your enemy or friends is absolutely illegal. But nobody said that you could not mail them one. Take the brick prank to another level by having a message handwritten on it and then sent to your recipient anonymously. An awesome prank for their birthday, Christmas, or any other day when you want to deliver a special message.

Impossible to Find Cricket Sound Device

Annoying Sound Torture Devices

Make him/her look like a joke at their workplace and drive everyone else crazy with an annoying sound coming from somewhere in his office or desk. The device is impossible to find, and you can place it almost anywhere you find most secretive. It's designed to release annoying beeps and irritating sounds that will surely distract activities at work the entire day.

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