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Bored With Back to School? Prank Your Roommate With These 10 Gag Gifts!

Whether you had a summer of fun with your friends at the lake or you were stuck at a mind-numbing summer job, you now find yourself back in a tiny dorm with someone you either instantly loved or hated. You’re already having a hard time getting up for classes, your midterms are on the horizon, so it’s time to let off some steam with a laugh.

Maybe the most sensible fix to this solution would be to party less, sleep more and generally work on yourself. You’ve never really cared about being practical, though, have you? It’s time to have some fun and give your annoying roommate a hilarious gift that will have you guys laughing until senior year.

Whether you love your roommate or love to hate them, you can only handle so many boring economics lectures before you start pulling your hair out. It’s time to have some fun.

This list is filled with pranks and gag gifts that will be sure to not only bring you a laugh but also give you some relief from having to be in the same room as someone else 24/7. Pick your favourite gift from the list below to bring back your sanity!


You probably thought you won the jackpot when you were upgraded to a dorm with a washroom inside of it. That was until you realized you now have to put up with someone who smells exceptionally worse than you do. They barely flush the toilet, let alone actually turn the fan on. There is nothing wrong with a little passive-aggressive gift; sure, handing them five bottles of Poo-Pourri might make them hate you but, at least the smell will be gone, and you’ll have a laugh at the look; on their face, right? Totally worth it.

Body Odor Scented Candle

If you just moved into an apartment with someone you thought you would love and it turns out you hate them, what do you do? You take the childish root and gift them a nice-looking candle that smells like BO. You are going to drive them out with super smell! Alternatively, you can just light up this thing yourself and make them think you’re the smelly one. Who cares what they think about you? They’re the awful one, right?

Dusting Slippers

At first, they might think you bought them some weird-looking cozy slippers. They may change their tune when your attached message say’s, “Start cleaning up after yourself, asshole!” The number one rule of roommate success is both parties doing equal parts cleaning. If they can’t hold up their end, what’s wrong with a passive-aggressive gift?

Home Vasectomy Kit

The gift for when you love your roommate, but he won’t stop bringing girls back to your dorm without notifying you. Leaving you to pretend to be asleep or vacate, it’s time for an intervention. Give him this home vasectomy kit, and you’ll not only make a point, but you’ll probably have each other laughing for days. Hopefully, he gets the message eventually, though.

Used Underwear Prank

Send this embarrassing prank anonymously to your roommate when they simply cannot stop annoying you. With high-quality packaging, when your roommate goes to pick this up from the mail office, they will get horrified looks from everyone around them. While this prank doesn’t actually contain used underwear, it is designed to humiliate those who receive it. You’ll surely get a kick out hearing them tell the story, and they’ll never know it was you. Sweet, sweet revenge, maybe they’ll even start flushing the toilet to get their karma balanced out.

I Tolerate You Pillow

This high-quality pillow is the perfect gift to remind your roommate that you care about their comfort… far away from you…. silently. Not only is this gift hilarious, but it’s so to the point there is no way your roommate won’t get the message. You will under no circumstances be rooming with them ever again. The rest of the year together should go smoothly as you both avoid one another in peace!

A Self-Help Book

If you have a roommate that can’t stop complaining about themselves, this is the perfect gift. Alternatively, if you’ve noticed they have about a dozen nasty traits and you think they should clean up their act, this is the ideal gift for them. There is a big possibility they will blow up at you. Still, there is also a possibility they might actually read Don’t Be a Dick. One day you might even like them!

Rude Mug

There are 100’s of different rude mugs on the market. One google search for prank mugs will lead you to believe that most people hate each other. Getting your roommate a mug is probably the easiest and cheapest route to not calling them an asshole to their face and using ceramics instead.

Ticket to Hell

Use this as either the perfect parting gift for the worst person you have ever had no pleasure rooming with or as a joke to your ideal roommate. Under-five dollars, this is an affordable and hilarious gag gift to slide over to their half of the hellhole you both live in. Don’t even bother wrapping this iconic gift; let it speak for itself.

Passive Aggressive Note Pad

Finally, we have a great gift that you can get yourself. Use this notepad for when your roommate refuses to be anything but useless. Why use your energy to get into a confrontation when you can simply write them a little note and not have to endure their endless excuses? Treat yourself to peace of mind with your very own gift.

Whether you have a fantastic roommate you want to make laugh or your roommate makes you rip your hair out, this list has something for everyone! Stop dreading being at college. Start having fun by pranking your friends and enemies!

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