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8 Weird and Wacky Gag Gifts to Make Your Friends LOL

Do you have a group of friends that constantly prank one another? Are birthday and Christmas gifts usually messy and filled with glitter instead of nice sentiment pieces? This list of 8 weird gifts is the perfect thing to bookmark for future holidays.

The gag gifts and pranks market has grown exponentially over the years with more and more items being offered; you no longer have to come up with your own ideas. Now not only is the gag already gift wrapped for you, but it might even be shipped anonymously! 

While boring people may think the things on this list are gross, disturbing, or childish, you and I both know that life isn’t worth living if you can’t make your friends wet themselves from laughing while also scaring the shit out of them. 

This list has a range of gag gifts from anonymous underwear pranks to terrifying pictures that are sure to scare your friends with trypophobia. Try any of these ridiculous pranks, and you’ll be sure to keep your friends laughing for years to come. 

Fake Poison Glass

How often do you go out with your friends on Friday nights, and come Saturday morning, they send you a text saying, “ Buddy! I feel disgusting; I can barely get out of bed right now.  It’s like we were drinking poison last night!” You’ve got two options with this hilarious gag, you can either give it to them as a gift like the lovely friend you are. OR you can hand this to them the next time you have them over for drinks and have a good drunk laugh when they finish the glass, and you break the news to them, “you’ve been poisoned, Josh!” Whether you use this as an opportunity to prank someone or give a great gift, it’s available for only $14.99.

Ship Them Trypophobia Cards

Now, what is Trypophobia, you may ask? It is the fear of disgust of closely packed holes. Those who have this fear, looking at images or seeing these holes in real life can have a range of effects like nausea, itchiness, panic attacks, feeling uncomfortable, and body shakes. Almost everyone has at least one friend who has expressed their deep disgust with these holes. You can ship these anonymously to a friend or enemy who has done you wrong, or you can open these up in front of your friend group and embarrass some so-called tough guys when they start to run for the hills. This spooky service is available for only $9.90.

The Original Anonymous Underwear Sniffing Prank

If you want to be assured that the prank you choose will cause embarrassment, this one takes the cake. The Original Used Thong Prank is sent anonymously to whomever you choose and is covered in a realistic sticker on the exterior. Those who watch the receiver open this will be totally convinced their friend is subscribed to a used underwear company and be horrified that they're associated with a panty sniffer! After the package is cracked open with no underwear in sight, all will be right again.  At only $13, this prank is sure to create memories for years to come. 

Loser Skunk Trophy

This gag gift is not only high quality, but it is also adorable! The Loser Skunk trophy has so many potential uses that you might have to buy in bulk! Hand these out to your friends after a hard-fought board game, or slip this into a gift bag as a birthday present! While you could use this trophy to embarrass or hurt someone's feelings, the skunk is so cute you would be hard-pressed to be called out as mean by your pals. This gift is also customizable with engraving, so it is a great personalized joke gift. 

Middle Finger Candle

Do you work with your best friend who recently got promoted, leaving you by yourself in the office doing all the grunt work? Sure you're excited for them…. that's why you bought them this beautiful candle. You're also mad as hell at them and… jealous. Be sure to pair this iconic candle with another more sentimental piece, and you might be able to keep your friendship. This purple masterpiece comes in a luxurious box and smells fantastic; at $61, this gift is an investment that is worth the laughs. 

The Gift of a Lucky Mouse Foot

When you and your best friends moved out of college, were you the one on speed dial when their shitty apartments had a mice problem? It's time to get them back and give them the gift of a lucky mouse foot! They'll be disgusted, and you'll have a little piece of revenge. The lucky mouse foot is beyond creepy because it's a natural mummified mouse foot! Scare the shit out of one of your friends with a set of these for $7.74. 

Gas Neutralizer

We all have a friend who is a little too comfortable with letting their farts go. Whether it's at the dinner table or when they meet your new girlfriend, their flatulence can't be stopped! Gas neutralizers are the perfect solution. Using an antimicrobial odour filter and super subtle design, these gas neutralizers will fulfill your desire for a fart-free environment. A pack of gas neutralizers will almost certainly embarrass the receiver. This product may become a new must-have with its tons of great reviews of people living smell-free lives! If nothing else, hopefully, your friend will take the hint and stop forcing everyone to suffer their gas-filled tyranny. Pick these up for $29.99 for a pack of five.

Realistic Worm Sculpture

Friends' not scared of mice? Have you tried a disgusting pile of realistic clay worms? This seller also makes smaller worm art if this $300 masterpiece is out of your price range. This creepy art piece is perfect for someone who loves oddities or if you feel like overspending to scare your friends. You won't have to worry about quality with this masterfully crafted piece of hilarious art. 

This list was designed for you to quickly find the best hilarious gag gift for your friend's personality. One of the products on this wacky list must have caught your eye, and your hobby of playing scary jokes and pranks on your best friends will continue

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