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7 Revenge Gifts You Can Send Anonymously

When Martin Luther King Jr. said 'an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind' he wouldn't have ever imagined that decades later, humans would smash that idea with a new twist to pull the best revenge, emerge triumphantly, and still get to keep your eye- or should I say eyes.

Let's be honest, we've all been there! We've imagined and even plotted revenge against people who wronged us. Most times, we don't manipulate our plans. But with companies mushrooming and promising to help us fulfill an elaborate revenge mission while keeping our identity anonymous, there's no point in being the bigger person.

Whether it's your most hated enemy, your ex, your boss, your brother, or anyone who picks on you, these extremely cunning gifts will be sent to your unsuspecting victim anonymously. As long as your victim is 18+, you have their name and address, and maybe a message you want attached to the gift- you can consider the revenge mission a success!

Troll Cakes

Each cake is copied word-for-word from an internet comment or social media post. Then they box it up and send it to the person who left the "Troll" comment. The box includes a picture of their original comment too!  

Micro Penis Cure Box

The micropenis cure box is truly the most embarrassing prank that will have your victim recoiling in shame and hoping that none caught a glimpse of their 'gift.' The package comes in a mail tube that's clearly labeled ' micro penis cure.' Hence, it's a guarantee that your enemy will not only be extremely humiliated in front of his colleges but also offended! This gift is sent completely anonymously.

Prank Candles

Prank Candles That Go From Smelling Good To Very, Very Bad - Geekologie

Revenge is especially sweet when served in a way that leaves your victim a confused mess! Prank candles are a one-of-a-kind gift. Mmmh! The sweet smell of this candle! Reminding them of a moment in time when___Wait! What's that?! Charlie, is that you? Oh, poor dog, did he release a disgusting fart?! Or maybe it's the sewer? Perhaps it's the dirty dustbin? Your unsuspecting victim will turn their whole house upside down before realizing what's assaulting their nostrils.

Prank candles are designed to smell sweet and pleasing for the first few hours of burning and then release an unbearable, awful smell that's so suffocating. Imagine if they had planned a candle-lit dinner with a lover? Perfect embarrassment!

Middle Finger

Middle FInger in the Mail with Message and Glitter

Sending the middle finger prank is a great idea. A professionally crafted middle finger is the best way to tell your enemies to stick to their lane! Your victim will open the high-quality and beautiful envelope with great expectations, only to find the middle finger! Because sometimes we don't want to tell people to f*ck off in their faces.

Smell My Boxer Prank Envelope


What's more humiliating than exposing your enemy's dirty little secret at work/home? This smell my boxer prank envelope is the absolute banger of all embarrassments! A piece of the dirty boxers is left dangling out the envelope. So yeah, everybody will see their dirty, disgusting hobby. That little boxer sniffing creep! You can't imagine their faces when they'll be signing for their package, and they'll never look their coworkers in the eyes again. This practical joke is shipped antonymous, and they'll never trace it back to you.

Revenge Post Cards

As it turns out, people are always eager to receive postcards. And you can send a completely anonymous and humiliating postcard. Whether it's a big dildo postcard mail, order a bride postcard or an adult diaper postcard- the list is endless! Send this revenge postcard and leave your victim completely mortified.

Mystery Potato

Birthday Gift Box

While some mail services are focusing on annoying things you can deliver to your enemies (including glitter, jarred farts and candy penises), this company helps you send a potato with a nice message written on it. MysteryPotato sends potato parcels (in addition to glitter bombs) with a personalized message. They are also anonymous, so it could be a silly avenue for any potential secret admirers out there.

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