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7 Hilarious Anonymous Pranks To Send By Mail!

Many times, we come across extremely annoying people and we can’t help but pay them back. Cursing and verbal abuse are now a thing of the past because with time pranks have evolved too. Today, there are several such platforms that provide and mail hilarious pranks anonymously in your stead. So, if you have someone to annoy, disgust, or payback then keep scrolling to get some hilarious pranks.

#1 Spider Box Prank

Spiders are famous for their venomous nature. If your friends are not afraid of mice, test them with this normal-looking but vicious in nature Spider box prank. Their scream of fright will become a sigh of relief for you.

The spider is attached to the opening sliding door, when someone slides it to open the spider suddenly jumps at their hand.

You can send it anonymously to your friends or foes alike and enjoy when it arrives (if you’re present there) if not then you’ll surely hear what happened when the mysterious gift box was opened.

Scare to shit your mean friends or rude bosses for $12.99.

#2 Dick Card 3D Pop Up

If someone has pissed you off and you couldn’t reply back at the spot, then you don’t need to worry. You can still convey your heartfelt reply with this hilarious dick card.

When your recipient victim flips the card for opening, the dick appears in a 3d form. It’s made in such a way that when the card is closed, the dick is folded smoothly. But when it’s opened the dick suddenly appears erect leaving the victim embarrassed.

If someone receives it in office in front of people, we can only imagine what will happen.

Share this 3d pop-up dick with your friends or enemies at just $11.99. You can also include a customized message or avail gift wrapping for some extra bucks.

#3 Embarrassing Postcards

If you want to keep someone in agony with periods of relief in between, then this Embarrassing postcards prank mail is your best bet. It’s hilarious yet embarrassing. You can achieve the best results and embarrass the recipient if sent to his office. Because the items will reach one by one each 3 days apart and he’ll be afraid of any anonymous mail for years.

It’s a pack of 5 colorful 4x6 embarrassing postcards. It includes mailings from bad boy blowup dolls, erectile dysfunction research center, hilarious penile enlargement surgeon, Anal leakage center, and Herpes research center.

Take your revenge at just $14.99 now!


#4 Spring Loaded Dick Bomb

If you think your ex was just a dickhead and nothing more who cheated on you. If you’re still holding the grudge and looking for an opportunity to pay him back, then this Spring-Loaded Dick Bomb is one of the many ways to do it.

The spring bomb will cover his whole apartment with micro-penises and make his life miserable when he tries to clean it. So, don’t waste it on ordinary assholes and reserve it for a special dickhead.

You can send this 5-star rated hilarious prank anonymously by mail at $22.99.


#5 Middle Finger Prank Mail

If you want to tell someone to “Fuck off”, an easy way is to show them the middle finger. If your boss is mean or co-worker cheesy towards you even after several warnings, then only this middle finger can rescue you. It has a middle finger, printed in high quality on an 8 by 11 inches paper.

You don’t have to get mad or rude in their faces to show them a mirror, just order this middle finger prank mail and then it’s our and your enemy’s headache. This creative prank costs you just $4.99.

#6 Eat My Ass: Prank Mail

If your friends are constantly competing in pulling dirty and cringy pranks on one another and you want to participate, then this Eat my ass prank mail is your best choice. This is one of the most cringy things you can send by mail anonymously. These are chocolate buttholes that your friends can actually eat.

This is a perfect gift for an adult, graduation, or bachelorette party. We bet your dumb ass friends are gonna like these edible anuses.

You can give this tasty treat to your friends for USD 12.74.

#7 The Original Used Thong Prank Envelope

We all have people we hate but we have to keep up with them and tolerate them. Sometimes they’re our rude bosses and sticky coworkers, in other instances our noisy neighbors. We can’t do a lot to change them or make them feel awkward or embarrassed. Because we can lose our job or don’t have enough time to dig the whole town to find a decent neighbor.

But you don’t have to worry anymore because we have found a spectacular solution to your problem. You don’t have to confront them or face any consequences. Mail your boss, coworker, or noisy neighbor this smell my thongs prank at their office anonymously. After the weird look of the postman, they’ll face the awkward faces of every colleague looking suspiciously at him. Your recipient victim will be sweating his shirt while pissing his pants while opening the package.

Of course, he’ll be relieved at the end but this will remind him of all his wrongdoings and he’ll reflect on his rude behaviors to remember who he has forced into this.

Gag gifts and funny hilarious pranks that can be sent anonymously are gaining popularity among people. We thought we should share our list of such pranks and help you choose the best for your particular situation. It has pranks you can pull on your rude boss, mean neighbors, dumb best friends, girlfriend, brothers, or even parents. We hope that some of them will intrigue your inner demons and you’ll want to try them.

Happy pranking! Enjoy your enemy’s miseries to the fullest with the suggested pranks and leave your reviews and experiences.

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