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6 Creative Ways to Get Revenge on A Friend

Friends are so special! They bring happiness to our world and lighten it up. They help us relieve stress and make it through our worst days. But what if they are the ones causing us bad days?

Sometimes your closest friends can hurt you. They can backstab you or break the rules of the game, and nothing hurts than the betrayal of a trusted friend. That's not the kind of hurt you leave to the famous b*tch Karma.

You need to take matters into your own hands, stretch your creativity muscles, and get the justice you deserve. Below are the most creative ways to get revenge on a friend.

Send Them Embarrassing Envelopes


Mails allow you to send the most dreadful, creepy, and hilarious gifts anonymously. If you've been with your friend for some good time, you know their likes, dislikes, and what creeps them out. From Used Thong  Pranks to Smell My Boxers Pranks to sending them poop, mailing them voodoo dolls, dicks, and everything in between. Send the most embarrassing emails that will humiliate and give them nightmares for days.

Realistic Looking Fake Bird Poop

Ensure to ruin your friend's day with this incredible, realistic-looking fake bird poop. You can't imagine the horror when they first see the disgusting-looking poop all over their car! Although the poop won't discolor the paint nor stain the fabric- it's worth the laughter when your exasperated friend gets it washed off so easily.

Glitter Bomb

In just a few seconds, you can ruin someone's day and make them discover holes in their bodies they didn't know existed. The package is designed so that the glitters blast out as soon as it's opened, and oh! everyone insight! For days, your victim and her victims will be devastated trying to remove extremely stubborn glitters- you know how annoying glitters are.

Mystery Potato

While some mail services are focusing on annoying things you can deliver to your enemies (including glitter, jarred farts and candy penises), this company helps you send a potato with a nice message written on it. MysteryPotato sends potato parcels (in addition to glitter bombs) with a personalized message. They are also anonymous, so it could be a silly avenue for any potential secret admirers out there.

Troll Cakes

Each cake is copied word-for-word from an internet comment or social media post. Then they box it up and send it to the person who left the "Troll" comment. The box includes a picture of their original comment too!  

 Blow Up The Phone


Blow up your friends phone with prank texts. Send massive amounts of hilarious text messages to your friends. Select how many and how fast to send them.

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