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6 Awesome Pranks You Can Pull on Your Friends

You don't have to be young to pull awesome pranks on your friends. Millennials have especially made it easy for anyone to send laugh gags via the mail, and now you don't need to wait until April fools day. Any day can be a prank day! If you're looking to be the author of an extremely awesome prank, consider any of the following practical jokes that will have your friends in stitches.

Banana Revenge

Ship a literal Banana Protector in a suspiciously shaped box. Make your friends coworkers, girlfriend or parents wonder.... WTF did they order online?

Dicks By Mail

Eat a Dick - The Chocolate Dick

Look no further for a highly awesome prank that will mortify your unsuspecting friend at their place of work. Shipped 100% anonymous, your friend will never know who sent them this serious dick. The package arrives with a bold and hilarious label that everyone will notice. You can imagine the embarrassment and obvious discomfort when your friend receives their d*ck..

Glitter Bomb

In just a few seconds, you can ruin someone's day and make them discover holes in their bodies they didn't know existed. The package is designed so that the glitters blast out as soon as it's opened, and oh! everyone insight! For days, your victim and her victims will be devastated trying to remove extremely stubborn glitters- you know how annoying glitters are.

Smell My Boxers Prank Envelope

This is the perfect anonymous yet awesome prank to send your friend. They'll have their most embarrassing moment blossom into an enormous belly laugh once they realize they've been pranked. The embarrassment begins when the delivery man hands them their envelope with the bold label 'smell my boxers.' As if that's not enough to make their toes curl, the piece of boxer hanging out the envelope will be seen by everyone! Instead a dirt boxer, they'll find a special note with a message from you to them.

Peeping Tom Window Prop

Scary Peeping Tom Window Prop - Awesome Stuff 365

The Peeping Tom Window Prop is sure to creep out and scare your friends and loved ones! Eerily real in size and features, with lifelike, sparkling eyes, he's the stuff nightmares are made of. Great for Halloween or anytime! Easy installation in any window. Easily clings to any window and small enough to put away in a box until you're ready to scare again. Great for haunted house displays and parties!Β The Peeping Tom is small enough to put away in a box until your ready to scare again.

Realistic Looking Fake Bird Poop

This realistic-looking fake bird poop is a must-have present for everyone you know! Whether it's your neighbor, brother, sister or friend, be sure to ruin their day with this incredible masterpiece. The realistic looks of the fake poop will have them finding out the hard way that their car has been egged. Although the poop won't discolor the paint nor stain the fabric, it's worth the laughter when your exasperated friend gets it washed off so easily.

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