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15 Hilariously Funny Gag Gifts for Men

Trying not to be too serious with life sometimes, can keep your spouse in good health. Sending amusing gifts such as gag gifts to your husband, boyfriend, a male colleague at work or brother can help them ease off tension and stress.

Men, most times, can be too serious and very busy with work. When was the last time your sweetheart had a really good laugh? Believe me, you are not going overboard with your funny pranks and gag gifts.

You could just be his lifesaver! We've provided 15 hilariously funny gag gifts for men you might want to give a try.  Have a fun read!

#1. Adult Bibs

Yes! Bibs are not only for small babies, adults too use bibs especially the messy eaters. Does your boyfriend fall into this category? Why not give him this gag gift and see his reaction.

#2. Inflatable Dancing Man

The small inflatable dancing man on your husband's office desk will certainly ease him off stress.

#3. Pizza Blanket

A pizza blanket gag gift for a brother who loves food is certainly a big joke. You could give it a try.

#4. Toilet Timer

Who's that one man in your life that spends the most time in the toilet? Why not give him a  toilet timer?

#5. Sudoku Toilet Paper

Spending time in the toilet is more fun with a sudoku toilet paper keeping you company.

#6. Basketball Hoop Hamper

Know a man who litters his room with his dirty clothes? Why not get him a basketball hoop hamper.

#7. Public Toilet Survival Kit

This gag gift is a joke! But still useful anyways. It contains one toilet seat cover, two antiseptic wipes, and a pair of disposable latex gloves.

#8. Camping Poop Bag

Camping in the woods without a poop bag can be risky. Get your boyfriend one.

#9. Anonymous Underwear Sniffing Prank

This anonymous underwear sniffing prank can be very funny and embarrassing. Notwithstanding, your weird friends can still pull this prank on you.

 Imagine seeing a sniffing panties envelope on your office desk. That can be embarrassing.

#10. Bag of Edible Bugs

Do you have male friends that eat just anything? Gift him with a bag of edible bugs and watch his reaction.

 You can also look out for these other five hilariously funny gag gifts for men from any online store 


The fun is quite irresistible. However, you should note that not every man can take in jokin-jokes to ensure you're not offending anyone with your hilarious gag gifts.

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