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15 Great Retirement Gag Gift Ideas

If you want to get revenge on your rude boss, embarrass your friend, or provide a good laugh at a colleague’s retirement party, then it’s easy than ever. You don’t have to think and come up with spicy ideas or gift wrap items, because we’ve picked some really nasty gag gifts that serve the purpose just right.

So, start scrolling and pick the best fit for the situation.

#1 Pooping Dogs Calendar

If your friends forget commitments and waste your time, it’s hard to not get mad. But we have a solution for your problem. Want them to keep track of the days and remember their commitments? gift them this Pooping Dogs Calendar. This gag gift will surely grab their attention and will never forget their commitments again!

#2 Emergency Underpants

Retired folks are old and often unable to control their excretions. That’s why you might want to add this Emergency Underpants pack for your old retired friend. Many will shed tears at the party while laughing at this hilarious gift. Yet, it’s useful, sanitary, and secure.

#3 Used Thong Prank Envelope

Looking to put your retired friend in the most awkward spot? Well, your search ends here. Where other than his retirement party, where lots of people will be present, to prank your friend or colleague in the best way! Gift them the original used thong envelope prank.

Your friend will be sweating while opening this gift in front of so many people and especially his wife and family! But his sigh of relief will be worth recording when he discovers that it was a prank.

They’ll only receive a “you’ve been pranked” card customized by you! You can ask for any customized personal message on the card that they’ll receive.

Moreover, your anonymity is guaranteed. They can’t trace it back to you unless you don’t tell them yourself.

#4 Retired: Under New Management

If your married close friend or colleague is asking permissions from his wife/husband for every little action, who’s also a tea or coffee lover, then this funny mug is a great gag gift for them. The sarcastic statement, Retired: under new management and see spouse for more details, is printed on its both sides.

It’ll not only let them enjoy their tea but also remind your funny act every time they use the mug.

#5 Cat Butt: Adult Coloring Book

Does your friend always annoy you with his/her terrible painting skills? Well, it’s time for payback. Gift them this Cat Butt: adult coloring book to utilize their free time after retirement. It can make them laugh or disgust them; you know your friends better.

#6 Official Retirement Papers: Toilet Paper

Want your gag gift to steal the spotlight at the party? Why not gift your friend or colleague, who’s obsessed with retirement, this sarcastic toilet paper with the humorous statement Official retirement papers embroidered on it. It’ll either piss them off or you’ll have a great time together. It makes a great decorative piece too.

#7 10,000 Dick Pics: Fake Cover Book

It’s time to cause a hot dialogue between your retired rude boss and his wife. She’ll be raging with anger while opening this dick pics book that has been gifted to her husband by an anonymous person. But yes, soon they’ll be calm and maybe bursting with laughter because it’s a blank book with no adult pictures inside.

Moreover, it can be used as a diary or notepad. So, let the fun begin at $6.99.

#8. Farting Poop Emoji Pen

If your friends are notorious for pulling embarrassing pranks on each other, then you must participate. You can gift this poop-faced pen to your colleague who’s always borrowing pens from you or make 7 different fart sounds and blame them by pointing fingers.

This is gonna frustrate some and provide a good laugh for others. That’s why you got to consider this one.

#9 Realistic Mouse Prank Gag Gift

Everyone’s afraid of a sudden mouse attack. That’s why this prank never fails and people scream out of fright. You might hear some inappropriate words at the party but the purpose will be served. Especially, be careful of a friend with zoophobia.

How does this prank work? The package includes two mice along with a sticky tab. Attach the sticky tab to a room or cabinet door and when someone pulls the door, the mouse moves towards them. This is where they can’t help but scream in fear and you burst into laughter.

#10 Bullshit Button

Looking for something to shut your talkative friend who loves to spit lies around? Well, we’ve got your back. Gift them this bullshit button at their retirement party or just use it in front of people.

It says “Bullshit” in your stead in 10 different voices and lets your friend know that you’re fed up with their lies. It’s also handy when arguing with your spouse. Press “Bullshit” when you don’t agree with them.

P.S: batteries not included, you’ve to buy them separately.

#11 The Golfer’s Gag Gift (Potty Golfing)

We all have those friends claiming to be outstanding players at one game or another. If your that friend or colleague is retiring, they’ll have a lot of spare time to practice. Send your golfer friend this Potty golfing game to practice putting while on the pot. This gag gift is sure to provide some belly-out loud laughs at the party.

#12 I’m Retired, Go Around Me (Funny Bumper Sticker)

Retired folks don’t need to hurry. They get to live life at their own pace. That’s why you should save your retired friend, father, or boss from getting disturbed by others’ pace on the road. Gift them this funny bumper sticker stating ‘I’m retired, go around me’. It won’t just relieve the retiree but also provide a good laugh for other stressed drivers.

#13 Dickasaurus Wine Stopper

If you’re planning revenge on your Alcoholic friend and want to gift something awkward yet useful, then you must check out this hilarious dickasaraus wine stopper. It seems to be a cross of Dinosaur and a human Dick having two legs, a tail, and you know the rest. Some embarrassing chuckles are guaranteed if it reaches the retirement party.

#14 Constipation Reliever: Fake Dynamite

Know someone with constipation? Or just a humorous retiree? Help them blast this dynamite in their bellies and get rid of the hard belly. This is fake dynamite: a constipation reliever that’ll spread smiles at the party on people’s lips.

#15 Farting Butt in Ring Box

We all have had disagreements with our bosses. We wanted to yell and make ourselves clear yet we needed the job. But if that person is no more your boss, then you’ve got a chance to take your revenge.

They’ll be over the moon by seeing a realistic leatherette ring box. But their hopes will be crushed after opening the box because they’ll only find a miniature man farting.

You might not be able to see their awkward faces at that time but we guarantee you that it serves its purpose just perfect.

This was our list of 15 Great Retirement Gag Gifts and you must be thinking of picking one or two. All of them are at reasonable prices and affordable for everyone. Order and have some fun with your old pals.

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