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13 Gifts To Up Your Secret Santa Gift Game at the Office or Home

The secret Santa gift game is something you should try out this next Christmas season. It is a fun alternative to "Secret Santa'' where everyone still gets a chance to own a Christmas gift. However, the twist here is that people end up buying funny and cool gifts, not for themselves, but someone else.

Do you plan on organizing an office or home Christmas party by this Christmas? Playing the Santa game wouldn't be a bad idea. Here are 13 gifts to up your Santa gift game at the office or home.

#1 Novelty cookie cutter

A Santa gift game involves gathering gifts in a bag and passing them around with a few rules attached. Who knows? a novelty cookie cutter could be yours.

#2 Home Alone Classic Illustrated Storybook

Familiar with the "Home Alone" Christmas film? This classic illustrated home-alone storybook can be a good Santa gift for your home.

#3 Christmas Glasses

These Christmas glasses are not your usual eyeglasses. They look so funny and are designed with Christmas caps, trees, and other Christmas themes.

#4 Toilet Target Light

A toilet target light of different colors could be yours this Christmas, you'd better prepare to own a toilet seat that shines light.

#5 A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Very hilarious Christmas story leg lamp would look funny when seen on your office desk next Christmas

#6 "iArm" Forearm mount

Here is a very good office Santa gift for assisting your phone devices on your forearm

#7 Concrete Desktop Planter

This gift item is best for office use. It also has space for planting flowers.

#8 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings by Sarah Cooper

Imagine getting this book as a gift from a colleague from work. That's what the Santa gift game is all about.

#9 Sarcastic coworker mug

You could get a mug boldly written "of course I talk to myself sometimes, I need expert advice" from a colleague.

#10. Money Soap

You could also give out soaps that look like money next Christmas.

#11 Beard Ornaments

Decorate your husband's beards with tiny Christmas lights and bells just for fun.

#12 Christmas Toilet Paper

Yes! A Christmas-designed toilet paper in your toilet is not so bad.

#13 Fake SnowBalls

Up your Santa gift games at home or office with some fake snowball gift.


Hope you were able to find some useful Santa gifts for your home and office? The Christmas holiday season just got more fun with the Santa gift game. You should probably give it a try

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