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12 Revenge Pranks to Get Back at Your Rival

Are you tired of your rival always having the upper hand? Do you want to turn the tables and get some well-deserved revenge? Look no further! In this listicle, we've compiled 12 prank ideas that are guaranteed to leave your rival in stitches while you revel in sweet victory. From hilarious gag gifts to unexpected surprises, these pranks will make sure your rival never underestimates you again. Just remember, revenge is best served with laughter!

The Middle Finger Card:

Give your rival a long-distance bird they'll never forget with The Middle Finger Card. Choose from a regular flip-off or an X-ray middle finger. With no branding and 100% anonymity, this prank offers a simple, satisfying, and hilarious way to get your revenge. Add a custom message or sprinkle some glitter for an extra touch!

Potato Message:

For a prank that is simple yet effective, consider sending a custom potato message to anyone in the U.S. Yes, you read that right - a potato! You can write up to 130 characters on the potato, making it a hilarious and unexpected way to deliver your message. Whether you want to send a funny note or a friendly jab, the potato message is sure to be a memorable surprise.

Prank Moaning Card:

In the spirit of awkwardness and unexpected surprises, the Prank Moaning Card takes embarrassment to a whole new level. This NSFW card features a non-stop loop of a very excited lady reaching her pleasure ceiling. No matter how many times the card is opened or closed, the moaning won't stop. It's the perfect way to add some blush-worthy moments to your friend's birthday celebration.

Secondhand Sex Toys Mail Prank:

Want to play a prank that will make your rival blush? Send them a "Secondhand Sex Toys" mail prank. The package contains a hard cardboard roll and a "You've Been Pranked!" card, making it feel like a real sex toy is inside. With anonymous shipping, they'll never suspect it's from you until they open it!

Eat A Dick - Organic Chocolate Penis:

For a prank that combines humor and deliciousness, the Eat A Dick chocolate penis is perfect. Whether it's for a bachelorette party, a funny prank, or just a gag gift, these gluten-free, nut-free chocolates are sure to leave your rival speechless. With their realistic size and shape, they'll wonder what they've gotten themselves into!

Eat Shit - Funny Chocolate Poop Prank:

Make any gifting occasion unforgettable with the Edible Anus Chocolate prank. Hilariously realistic wrinkle rings in a discreet package, these vegan truffle chocolates are a perfect gag gift. Add a custom message or let it ride, and laugh all the way to the bank as your rival receives this deliciously cheeky surprise!

Dick In A Tube:

The Dick In A Tube is ridiculously stupid yet perfect for revenge. Your rival will receive a random white tube with a strange tan-colored print on it. As soon as they open it, a happy penis squeals out, leaving them utterly confused. This prank will definitely leave them scratching their heads!

Porn Addict Recovery Of America Mail Prank:

Is your rival spending a little too much time watching adult content? Give them a wake-up call with the Porn Addict Recovery Of America Mail Prank. Inside the package, they'll find a card alerting them to being pranked. This anonymous prank will definitely make them question their viewing habits!

Used Thong Prank Envelope:

Looking for a prank that will leave everyone in tears of laughter? The Original Used Thong Prank Envelope is your answer. Packaged so convincingly, your unsuspecting rival won't know what hit them. With a customized "you've been pranked" card, this prank adds a touch of light-hearted revenge to any situation. Get ready to witness priceless reactions and create unforgettable memories!

Prank Candles:

Set the stage for an olfactory assault with Prank Candles. These patent-pending scented candles start off with delightful fragrances like American Apple Pie, Fresh Rose Bouquet, or Vanilla Ice Cream. But after 15 hours, they transform into room-clearing smells like Dirty Fart, Sweaty Ass Crack, or Vomit. Your rival won't know what hit them!

Mail a Personal Brick:

Sometimes, the best pranks are the ones that make someone scratch their head in confusion. Sending someone a brick with a custom message printed on it is exactly that kind of prank. It's something fun that they will never forget and it's up to you whether you want to take credit or remain anonymous. Let their imagination run wild as they try to make sense of this unusual delivery.

Toaster Bath Bomb:

Finally, for those with a dark sense of humor, the Toaster Bath Bomb is the ultimate gag gift. This bath bomb is shaped like a toaster and provides a hilarious twist on a relaxing bath experience. It's a humorous reminder that some ideas should never be acted upon. So, drop this bath bomb into the water and watch as the laughter ensues.


Revenge is a dish best served with laughter, and these 12 prank ideas are sure to give you the upper hand over your rival. From unexpected surprises to hilarious gag gifts, these pranks will leave your rival in stitches while you revel in sweet victory. Just remember to keep things lighthearted and ensure that no harm is done. So go ahead, unleash your mischievous side, and let the pranks begin!

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