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12 Funny, Light-hearted Gifts for Men that will Make Them LOL

Bringing happiness to the men in your life most times doesn't cost much. All you need to do is to carefully think of the most suitable item to gift them with on special occasions. But what happens when you run out of gift ideas?

How do you make your boyfriend or dad happy? How do you ease them off stress?

Trying out something funny could just be what you need to do.

Many funny light-hearted gifts can make the men in your life laugh hard just at the sight of them. Keep reading to find out 12 funny light-hearted gifts for men that will make them LOL.

#1. Fish Slippers

Imagine the burst of laughter from your boyfriend when he finds fish slippers in the package you gave him. He'd just love you the more.

#2. Fart Extinguisher

Spice up your relationship by getting your boyfriend a fart extinguisher as a present and see him laugh hard like never before.

#3. Toilet Mug

It's quite disgusting to have a mug shaped like a toilet. However, you can decide to gift your partner with this and see him laugh it off.

#4. Couples Coffee Mug

A pretty set of couple mugs may be all you need to make your man laugh hard.

#5. USB Thumb drive

Elder brothers who love horror movies would appreciate your USB thumb drive gift.

#6. Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Spending time in the toilet will be more fun when you gift him with this potty putter toilet time golf game

#7. Butt Quack Boxers

These duck imprinted boxers are quite lovely and funny. You might want to consider buying one.

#8. Dark Humor Misfortune Cookies

Does your husband enjoy dark humor? Get him these funny cookies and see his reaction.

#9. Mini USB Fridge Cooler

What a funny light-hearted gift this is!. Your workaholic husband will appreciate you.

#10. Pizza Socks Box

Looks like pizza! Get your boyfriend this gift and watch him laugh out loud.

#11. Universal Car French Fry Holder

Eating while driving can be a lot easier with this universal car French fry holder.

#12. Choose Your dog breed necktie

Get your boyfriend who's a dog lover to choose the breed of dog he loves most. And with about $55, buy him a necktie with his favorite dog imprinted on it.


You'll be amazed to see how these funny light-hearted gifts for men will go a long way to give you a stronger bond in your relationship. Doing this seemingly little thing for your brother, dad or boyfriend can mean a whole lot to them. So, why the wait? Hurry and give it a try.

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