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Life can be full of unexpected surprises, and sometimes you may find yourself dealing with a few enemies along the way. While it's important to rise above negativity and focus on positivity, a little lighthearted revenge can add some spice to your life. So, why not send your enemies something unexpected in the mail? In this listicle, we present you with 10 hilarious and unconventional items to send your enemies that will leave them scratching their heads and questioning their life choices. From pranks to gag gifts, these items are sure to bring a smile to your face and remind your enemies not to mess with you.

Used Thong Prank Envelope:

The Original Used Thong Prank Envelope is the perfect prank to catch your enemies off guard. With a customized card that says "you've been pranked," this envelope is designed to look completely believable. Just imagine their priceless reaction when they open the envelope to find a used thong inside!

Eat A Dick Chocolate Penis:

For a sweet revenge, send your enemies an "Eat A Dick" chocolate penis. Made from organic Peruvian cacao beans, these four-ounce chocolate delights are perfect for pranks, bachelorette parties, or simply as a gag gift. Completely anonymous, these delicious treats will leave your enemies wondering who sent them such a peculiar surprise.

Dick in a Can Prank:

If you want to take the prank to the next level, consider the Dick in a Can Prank. Disguised as innocent Japanese incense sticks, this "ISAKOK" releases a 2.5-foot inflatable penis and balls when the pull-tab is activated. Your enemies won't see it coming, and the absurdity of the prank will surely leave them laughing (or maybe just questioning their life choices).

Prank Moaning Card:

Looking to embarrass your enemies in the most awkward way possible? The Prank Moaning Card is just what you need. When activated, this card plays a non-stop loop of a very excited lady reaching her pleasure ceiling. Whether they open and close the card or try to mute it, the moans won't stop until the battery dies. It's a gift they won't forget anytime soon!

Endless Singing Cards w/ Glitter:

For a prank that keeps on giving, the Endless Singing Cards are perfect. These cards play "Happy Birthday" on a loop for at least three hours, ensuring that the birthday celebration goes on and on. If broken, they even have glitter inside for an added touch of surprise. The best part is that they're safe to sign, so you can place them in an envelope and watch as your friend's curiosity turns into sheer amusement when they open it.

Box of Annoying Sand:

Glitter might be annoying, but sand takes it to a whole new level. The Box of Annoying Sand is filled with the finest sand from a remote island in the Philippines. When the recipient opens the box, a trap door releases, ensuring that the fine sand will get all over their carpet and stay there for a long time. It's the perfect revenge for a messy enemy.

Fart By Mail:

Sometimes a sentimental message just isn't enough to express your feelings towards your enemies. That's where Fart By Mail comes in. These mail-order farts provide a unique and hilarious way to send a message from a distance. The greeting card makes fart sounds and even emits a not-so-pleasant smell. It's a surefire way to make your enemies hold their noses in disbelief.

Middle Finger Mail:

For a more direct approach, consider sending your enemies a Middle Finger Mail. This anonymous package delivers a long-distance bird with no branding whatsoever. You can even choose between a regular flip-off or an X-ray middle finger. Add a custom message or glitter for that extra touch of insult.

Secondhand Sex Toys Mail Prank:

Inject some confusion and embarrassment into your enemy's life with the Secondhand Sex Toys Mail Prank. The package contains a hard cardboard roll, giving the illusion of a real sex toy inside. Their imagination will run wild as they handle the package, only to discover it's a prank. It's a hilarious and harmless way to keep your enemies on their toes.

Toaster Bath Bomb:

If you want to take revenge to the extreme (in a non-dangerous way), consider sending your enemies a Toaster Bath Bomb. While it may sound alarming at first, this bath bomb is not an actual toaster but a unique experience they'll never forget. With a touch of humor, it's the perfect way to let your enemies know they're getting under your skin, without any harm involved.

Sending your enemies something unexpected in the mail can be a lighthearted way to seek revenge and add some laughter to your life. From pranks like the Used Thong Prank Envelope and the Dick in a Can, to gag gifts like the Eat A Dick chocolate penis and Fart By Mail, these items will leave your enemies bewildered and questioning their choices. Just remember to always prioritize harmless fun and avoid crossing any boundaries.

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