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10 Ridiculous Gifts to Get Revenge on Your Ex This Valentine's Day

A lot of people get angry and don’t want to talk about their Exes. Yet, some are so hurt that they’ll always start cursing and badmouthing their Exes when their names are mentioned. Of course, physically hurting them is a bad idea, but what about making a fool of them and having some fun!

As valentine’s day approaches, the time spent and the memories made with them reappear and it hurts. So, if you’re up for something exciting and determined to get Revenge on your Ex this Valentine’s Day, then keep scrolling. We’ve collected some ridiculous gifts to piss your Ex off.

#1 Eat A Bag Of Dicks

Still mad at your Ex? Well, you can have some fun this valentine’s day instead of getting mad. If you’re unable to confront them, you can send this Bag of Dicks to them in your stead anonymously.

When they open the package in the hope of a better gift than gummy dicks, their face will be worth seeing. They’re likely to post it on their social media accounts. So, you’ll be able to see how they reacted and how other people react to your ridiculous gag gift.

Make a fool of your dumb Ex at $14.99 here. You can double or triple the number of dicks at various prices.

#2 Dickhead Trophy: Congratulations

If you think your Ex was a stupid, irritating, and ridiculous person, in short, a dickhead, then you must consider gifting them a Dickhead Trophy. The coming Valentine’s Day seems the perfect occasion to wish and congratulate them with this gag gift.

Thus, don’t overthink and send the “Congratulation! You’re a dickhead” straight to your Ex’s office. You can also select the trophy with “First place dickhead”, but that’s for ultra dumb Exes. So, choose with care and set back to watch the show at $16.99. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

#3 Spring Loaded Jizz Bomb

Do you sometimes think that your Ex is a bad waste of energy and sperm? If yes, then it’s time to tell them practically. This gag gift lets you express your feelings for your Ex anonymously and get your revenge this valentine’s day.

It’s a Jizz bomb, when your victim recipient opens the package without knowing, the swimmers will jump on his/her face or everywhere on the floor. Not only humiliation but a struggle to clean the place after the bomb blows up.

#4 Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

Thinking of all the wrongs your Ex has done to you? Why not have your revenge this valentine’s day? We’ll love to help you get justice and take a deep sigh of relief after knowing that your Ex had a bad cleaning day.

I’m talking about this Glitter bomb, that’ll mess your Ex’s room or office after it’s opened. Even better if the recipient is standing on a carpet with texture. This gag gift ensures ruining your ex’s day only at $17.99. You can also disguise it as a huge gift for some extra bucks.

#5 Poop Card 3D Pop Up

Are you one of those people who think their Ex was a piece of shit? Yet, they couldn’t tell it to their faces. Here’s your chance to practically tell them that, “you’re a piece of shit” by sending them this ridiculous Poop Card with a 3D poop pop up and a nice statement “Just for You” at $11.99, anonymously.

#6 Troll Cakes

No matter how good your life is going on, sometimes the regrets take over you and you want to pay back who has wronged you. Troll cakes is providing you just the right opportunity to get revenge on your Ex in a unique way.

They make cakes and pick troll comments from social media posts for it. We thought “You donkey witch” is a nice comment to send to your undeserving Ex this valentine’s day.

#7 Humping Dogs: 2021 Calendar

Many Exes out there deserve the worst. If you think yours deserve the same, then check out the embarrassing Humping Dogs calendar. Everyone hopes for elegant lovely gifts on valentine’s day, but feel the disappointment of your ex when they open the gift with humping dogs on the cover.

#8 10,000 Pictures Of Huge Tits: Blank Adult Journal

Nothing can beat the level of public embarrassment. So, get your revenge by gifting this big boobs’ pics journal to your Ex’s office or house. When the package is opened in front of coworkers or family, the cover will shock everyone. It’s a blank journal but the embarrassment and tense situation before the opening of the package is worth the money.

You can send it without ever revealing your identity, probably a plus point.

#9 Dickhead Of The Year 

You might have many exes but some are dumber and stranger than others. Think of the Ex who had made your life unbearable and hell-like. Send them this coin on which the statement “Dickhead of the year” and other such statements are engraved.

It’ll make them think about all the wrongs they’ve done to various people over the years. Even better if they receive it at home in front of the family or on valentine’s day.

#10 Middle Finger Gag Gift

It’s always difficult to leave behind something you’ve deemed important and invested a lot of time in. Even if you move on and go forward, you still desire to pay the person back who wasted your time and ignored the sacrifices.

Well, you probably don’t wanna confront them but you can make them think and reflect on their past. This ridiculous middle finger gift does just that. You can send it anonymously to your ex and disappoint him/her with this fancy-looking gag gift.

Moreover, you can add personal messages and also reveal your identity if you want. It’ll make them think that why they deserve such treatment and who would do it to them.

So, this was our list of 10 Ridiculous gifts to get Revenge on your Ex this Valentine’s Day. We hope that you’re laughing your ass off and can’t wait to order some to be delivered to your Ex’s address.

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