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10 Prank Gifts For Your Enemies: The Ultimate Guide to Sweet Revenge

When it comes to dealing with your enemies, sometimes a little prank is just what the doctor ordered. These 10 prank gifts are designed to leave a lasting impression on your adversaries. From sending a not-so-subtle message with a middle finger card to delivering unexpected surprises like confetti-shaped dicks, these gifts will ensure your enemies won't forget you anytime soon. So, let the games begin!

The Middle Finger Card

Nothing says "I'm not a fan" quite like the original Middle Finger Card. This anonymous and branding-free card offers you the chance to send someone a long-distance bird they'll never forget. Choose from a regular flip off or an X-ray middle finger, and add a custom message or glitter for an extra touch of mischief. Free worldwide shipping ensures your message reaches its destination!

Bag Of Dicks

For those special individuals who deserve a special message, the Bag of Dicks is here to deliver it. This bag of gummy penises is a humorous and not-so-subtle way to tell your enemies to eat a bag of dicks. Anonymously stick it to them and ensure your point gets across loud and clear. It's a gift that nobody will mistake!

Spring Loaded Dick Bomb

Prepare for explosive laughter with the Spring Loaded Dick Bomb. This prank package pops open to shoot hundreds of tiny confetti pieces shaped like, you guessed it, dicks! It's a prank your enemies will NEVER forget. The combination of surprise and amusement is sure to leave them in stitches.


Yes, you read that right – a custom potato message. Send a unique and hilarious potato message to anyone in the U.S.! With up to 130 characters to play with, you can let your creativity run wild. Whether you choose to be anonymous or reveal your identity, this unexpected gift is bound to leave your enemies scratching their heads.

Fart By Mail

Why settle for a traditional greeting card when you can send a Fart By Mail? These mail order farts offer a unique and convenient way to share a sentimental message from a distance. With fart sounds and smells that can't be found at Hallmark, your enemies won't know what hit them (or smelled them)!

Granny Panties Prank Package

If embarrassing your enemies is your ultimate goal, the Granny Panties Prank Package has got you covered, quite literally. This package is completely covered in embarrassing jokes that will make your enemies die laughing or regret the day they crossed you. With an optional personalized note, tissue paper, and the option to add a glitter bomb greeting card or actual granny panties, this prank is the whole package!

Prank Candles

Add a touch of olfactory revenge to your pranking repertoire with Prank Candles. These patent-pending scented candles start with pleasant scents like American Apple Pie, Fresh Rose Bouquet, or Vanilla Ice Cream. But after 15 hours of burning, they unleash an awful, room-clearing smell like Dirty Fart, Sweaty Ass Crack, or Vomit. The unsuspecting recipient won't know what hit them!

Used Thong Prank

Ready for a prank that will have everyone in tears of laughter? The Original Used Thong Prank Envelope is here to deliver just that. Packaged so believably, your unsuspecting victim won't know what hit them. Complete with a customized "you've been pranked" card, it's the perfect way to add a touch of light-hearted revenge to any situation. Get ready to create unforgettable memories!

Glitter Grenade

Glitter Grenade is the bigger and better version of the original Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb. With over 100g of extra fine glitter, this grenade is ready to explode in a glorious shower of sparkle. The 3" wide and 9.5" tall design ensures maximum glitter explosion. Just pull the tab, and watch as your enemies are covered in a dazzling display of glittery chaos. It's the prank that will leave them finding specks of glitter for days!

Prank Moaning Card

In the spirit of truly awkward gifting, the Prank Moaning Card takes the cake. This card plays a non-stop loop of a very excited lady reaching her pleasure ceiling. Once activated, it won't stop no matter how many times the card is opened or closed. There's no mute button, and hiding it won't silence the moans until the battery dies, which could take hours. It's the gift that will make your enemies blush and regret ever crossing paths with you.


With these 10 prank gifts, you have the power to turn the tables on your enemies in the most entertaining and memorable way possible. From sending a middle finger card to covering them in glitter or embarrassing them with prank packages, each gift is designed to leave a lasting impression. Just remember to exercise caution and ensure that the pranks are carried out in good fun without causing harm or distress. So, embrace your mischievous side, unleash your creativity, and let these prank gifts bring a smile to your face as you seek sweet revenge on your enemies. Happy pranking!

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