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10 Dirty Santa and White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

Every year we come across multiple dirty Santa or white elephant gifts on Christmas day. You must’ve thought of taking an exceptional weird or funny gift next year. Well, it’s the next year. If you haven’t decided to take to the Dirty Santa gift exchange, then you have come to the right place. We have listed some of the most amazing gag gift ideas that too under $25!

#1 Ninja Mix Gingerbread Cookies Kit

If you have a ridiculous cookie tradition every year on Christmas day, then this ninja mix gingerbread cookies kit is going to add to the fun significantly. It makes 10-12 cookies which makes it fun as well as tasty and useful. Its food is fun and art edible.

You’ll receive other instructions with the box. Have a fun day with these ninja cookie cutters.

#2 Original Toilet Mug

We all have that potty-mouth friend or colleague. Aim to make him take this Toilet mug at the dirty Santa and white elephant gift exchange party. This is sure to provide some good laugh and is useful to shut your potty-mouth friend’s mouth at least for some time.

It’s a ceramic coffee cup that can be used in your daily routine when you’re bored or offer to your coworker.

Own this toilet mug for just $20.57.

#3 Leg Lamp Nightlight

If you are looking for ways to add fun to the dirty Santa gifts party, then this leg lamp can surely help you.

This Leg lamp appears hilarious and will make everyone burst in laughs. Apart from a gag gift, it’s useful and can be used as a decorative piece too. The lamp is 8 inches tall and comes with a 7-watt bulb. The detailed fun gift is worth your money one way or another. Don’t miss this at just $20.51.

#4 Fake Turd Gag Gift

If you want to present the most cringy gift at your dirty Santa gift party, then this fake turd gift is your best choice. This is a realistic fake turd that can easily deceive the recipient.

You can also prank any of your family members with this fake turd by placing it at their toilet seat. When they enter the toilet, they’ll be stunned and cringe at the sight. We don’t know if they’ll dare to check its originality or not.

This turd has some serious uses and numerous people have used it creatively according to their unique situations. You can prank your sister, husband, wife, parents, or pull it on your in-laws during the white elephant gifts exchange party.

With 86% off, this will cost you just $2.12.

#5 Cooking with Semen 50 Delicious Recipes

Christmas is a time of giving and delicious food is hard to find these days. That’s why we’re suggesting you this gift, containing Semen's delicious recipes. The recipient and other participants will surely want to look inside but awkwardly and only to be disappointed. Because it’s just a white elephant gift with a deceiving cover.

Mislead them with this amazing inappropriate cover to enjoy your Dirty Santa gift to the fullest at just $6.99.

#6 Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

It’s not just a mug statement but a fact for many. If you know someone like this, then you should aim this Coffee makes me poop mug at them at the dirty Santa gift exchange function.

Not only the printed statement is hilarious but it also resembles poop in color and structure. This can surely spread some laughs at the party.

Avail it for just $12.32 and enjoy your coffee.

#7 Urinal Shot Glasses

Looking for some fun gifts to participate in the Dirty Santa and white elephant gift exchange party? The urinal shot glasses will be the hit of the party. These actually resemble a urinal and everyone will want to own it.

Apart from its hilarious nature, this gag gift is useful. But fairly awkward to drink something from it due to its appearance.

Own this laugh of the party for just $12.99.

#8 Men Belly Waist Pack

This gag gift will turn heads everywhere and especially at the gift exchange party. Everyone will try to get the belly waist pack. Because it’s not only a lively prank but also a useful pack to put in your several items.

Everywhere the pack goes, it turns heads and intrigues people because the material is fantastic while the print is realistic. People mistake it for a real belly and make fun of the person at times only to get pranked at the end. It has an adjustable belt, the best fit for any dad out there.

This will steal the spotlight at the dirty Santa gift exchange party. Order this amazing deal at $9.99 now!

#9 Sexy Lady Wine Glass

This gag gift might not be appropriate for your office party but certainly the best for your naughty friends’ group. Your friends will surely compete for such an incredible lady glass.

The design is a simple nude body shape of a woman. It seems like a work of art and can be used as a decorative piece. Along with that, it’s totally fine for normal use of drinking wine or anything else.

This sexy lady wine glass is crafted from high-quality materials and you can feel the thickness and premium quality of the glass. So, buy with confidence at just $27.88.

#10 Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher

This elephant gift is best for your friend, family member, or husband. Help them get rid of those irritating testicle itches with this Gentlemen’s Ball Scratcher. Moreover, this guarantees a good laugh at the Dirty Santa gift exchange party. Many men will aim to win this Ball scratcher and have a permanent solution to their irritation problem.

With 287 satisfied buyers, you should try it too.

So, these were our 10 Dirty Santa and White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25 for you. We hope that a couple of them would have intrigued you. Thus, check them out and let us know your experience.

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