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Happy Stinkin" Birthday, This Was Cheaper Than a Stripper

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Happy Stinkin" Birthday, This Was Cheaper Than a Stripper

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Are you looking to prank your girlfriend, boyfriend, or colleague? Well, how about you go all the way and embarrass them in the most inappropriate way? Inmate Panties Prank Envelope is a super anonymous yet funny way to put a person in an awkward spot. And if it's in the office or in some other public place, it's even better!‏‏‎ ‎

Need some ideas on what to write? Click here!

The genius of the Inmate Panties Prank Envelope is in its totally believable packaging. We have wrapped it in a very elegant and serious way to grab the attention of everyone. And just when they open it dreadfully, with their face flustered and everyone staring at them, they’ll get a 'you've been pranked' card, customized by you! Perfect for light-hearted revenge.

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IMPORTANT: Make sure you put the recipient's name and address in the shipping option. 

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**Recipient and purchaser must be 18 years of age or older**

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Pranks

Of course. We ship everything with complete discretion. The envelope has no return address and doesn’t give your information out unless you do something illegal (don’t do that) or are involved in a legal lawsuit (sexual harassment, stalking, etc) and we are required by law. If you’d like the recipient to know who sent the envelope, include a customized message and write whatever you’d like. Even if they email us asking who sent it, we’ll tell them it goes against the law and we won’t give out that private information.

Nope! We ship everything with complete discretion. There is nothing linking our packages back to the sender, unless you do something illegal (don’t do that) or involved in a legal lawsuit (sexual harassment, stalking, etc) and we are required by law. If you’d like the recipient to know the package is from you, then add a customized message and write whatever you'd like. 

If you are a recipient of such a gift, please don’t contact us, we don’t provide any details (or clues) to the person who took joy in sending you the envelope.

Made a mistake? Not to worry, as long as we haven’t already sent your item we should be able to change your message for you. Please get in touch ASAP at

Click here to access our Order Look-Up form to see who sent you the Smell My Thongs product. 

It's completely up to you! You can choose to send this to the boss that scheduled you for a double sift on your birthday, an ex that cheats on you with your best friend, a noisy neighbor that never lets you sleep at night, or even you just want to send a pair to your house and prank your husband! The possibilities are endless, we won't judge ;)

Here are some of our favorites!

• Best Man / Groomsman

• House Warming Gift

• Birthday Gift

• Anniversary Gift

• Secret Santa Gift

• Mother's Day / Father's Day

• Valentines Day

• Ex-Boyfriend / Girlfriend

• Co-Workers

Need some ideas to write on your card? Click here

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Yes! We ship free worldwide, just enter your victim's address at checkout.

There is only a short amount of time between when you place your order and when we start processing it. If you contact us straight away after ordering, via, we may be able to cancel your order before it’s processed. If not, we may not be able to provide a refund.

Nope! We only ask for your phone number in order to send you an abandoned cart reminder via text instead of email, your phone number will not be anywhere on the shipping label.

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